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© Coco Martin + All rights reserved

iPhone 6S HD slow motion video 1'35" - No sound
New York City
2016 © Coco Martin

Under the same Sun
iPhone 6S HD slow motion video 2'05"
New York City
2016 © Coco Martin

iPhone 5S HD Video 1’42” - Sound
2016 © Coco Martin. Shot in 2014
Focaris turns into Focus turns into Home turns into your contemporary screen but the concept still remains the same.
You turned into an hypnotized being within your own territory.
A phenomena that drags you into a deep observation.
As a kid I used to hallucinate that the fireplace has been replaced by television.
I was right indeed.

iPhone 6S HD slow motion video 1'13"
Chicago River
2016 © Coco Martin

iPhone 6S HD Video 1'56"
From Houston to Austin
2016 © Coco Martin
Audio from a rainy day in a cab in Serbia.

Low Line
iPhone 6S HD Video 3’02”
Chaotic audio comes from the final tuning of instruments from the venezuelan Symphony Orchestra Simon Bolivar, just minutes before perform a Concert for Peace at the Hall of the General Assembly of the UN.
2016 © Coco Martin
Nighty souls at the High Line in Manhattan

Citara Time
iPhone 6S HD Video 1’10” - No Sound.
2016 © Coco Martin
Another magic moment in a New York City subway ride. 2016.
Sound from my first visit to the Parthenon in Athens, following the far random notes of a citara in 2015

Dancing medusas
iPhone 5S HD Video 1’28” - No Sound.
2016 © Coco Martin. Shot in 2015 

Playful bridge
iPhone 5S HD Video 1’16” - Original Sound from Hurricane Sandy whispering through my window
2016 © Coco Martin. Shot in 2015
Another beautiful hypnosis

iPhone 5S HD Video 1’16” - Original Sound
2016 © Coco Martin. Shot in 2015
A beautiful Bosphorus hypnosis

“Lots of Seagulls”
iPhone 5S HD Video 2’11” - Original Sound Mixed
2016 © Coco Martin. Shot in 2015
Seagulls around the Golden Horn

“I want to keep studying in New York :)”
iPhone 6S HD Video 1’52” - Original Sound Mixed
2016 © Coco Martin
Musician in the Subway being helped by another musician

Late Friday Evening
iPhone 5S HD Video 33" - Original Sound
2015 © Coco Martin
My modest tribute to Edward Hopper under his New York's light.

iPhone 6S HD Video 28" - No Sound
2015 © Coco Martin
A sleepy commuter in NJ

iPhone 6S HD Video 1'17" - Original Sound
2015 © Coco Martin
I found a mannequin waiting for her ride

Volkswagen beetle 1964
iPhone 6S HD Video 1'03" - No Sound
2015 © Coco Martin
As a kid, I used to hide myself in the small compartment of my father's Volkswagen beetle '64, and was always fascinated by the eternal up and down pace of the electrical poles' cables. Here is how it looked like.

iPhone 5S Video 1'06" - Original Sound
2015 © Coco Martin
Underneath New York

La liberté d'une feuille
iPhone 5S HD Video 2'31" - Original Sound
2015 © Coco Martin
A leaf exercising her freedom in the ocean

iPhone 5S HD Video 2'17" - Original Sound
2015 © Coco Martin
An early morning in Manhattan

[UN]synchronized capoeira
iPhone 5S HD Video Diptych 1'26" - Original Sound
2015 © Coco Martin

iPhone 5S HD Video 1’20” - Sound
Coco Martin © 2015
They say when a silence breaks into the room there is an angel passing by. 
When an angel makes a pause in Grand Central there is a silent pause for the day. 

iPhone 5S HD Video 1'04" - Original Sound
Coco Martin © 2015
When I was 8 years old, I used to read the Bible.
I particularly remember the Babylon Tower being built and reaching the clouds with no fear from God.
Leaving in New York is a daily reminder.

iPhone 5S HD Video 2'05" - No Sound
Coco Martin © 2015
Juno - Blizzard January 2015

URBS 7:33 a.m.
iPhone 5S HD Video 3'43" - Original Sound
Coco Martin © 2015
A big city built from shadows emerges from cold.
Unspeakable stories from voices coming from a crowded bar, might represent all those sleepy souls on this Saturday morning. Commute! Is just a commute.

Video 2' 23" - Original Sound
Coco Martin © 2006 - 2013
Passersby on 34th Street in New York Shot in 2006 while waiting my bus to Washington, D.C. Audio was recorded at the entrance of the building where I grew up in San Isidro, Lima in 2013. You can tell through ambient noises if you are in Lima or New York...