Ibidem -  Scannography © 2012. 151 inches long x 27.5 inches height

Ibidem - Scannography © 2012. 151 inches long x 27.5 inches height

OPUS INCARNATE | Scannographies © 2008 - 2014

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What does a break-up with a photographic camera means to a photographer? Opus Incarnate represents two years of silence in my practice. This temporary refusal made me discover scannographies, work with them and push the media to the limit, bringing to my visuals a new concept to explore.

This is a statement of pause, a way to take some distance of the overwhelming reality and get the chance to think about the main source, the light and the subject, the eager attitude to really get someone soul almost from the very skin. By only using a flatbed scanner on the skin's model -no external lighting, nor lens or aperture to control- I ended up discovering this 'magic kingdom of a candle light'.

Within the current context of massive production of images due to the arrival of the digital era and despite the fact that each piece might take days to be composed and completed, the process took me back to rediscover the meaning of patience, exactly what some time ago used to be a synonym of photography, instead of the present immediacy.

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