Photographic Installation © 2000

Photographic Installation © 2000

MY ROAD  © 2000

In spite the documentary value that photography has, for me speaks mainly about the past. It can also talk about an inner private world from who is in charge of produce it. Dealing with your own memories and within unreasonable borders of a selfish attitude may imply a responsible self critic work.

My Road series might be seen as a visual summary of places I have frequently visited as a child, a revised conceptual inventory or simply as a map of memories.
Here, 25 years later, I collect portions of the sidewalks where I used to play, the family backyard or the school playground. This is a representation of my visual gaze as a child and everything seems to become gigantic again, where any wall was unreachable and where the sky was just a timid witness. I probably had no choice but to succumb my youngest look into the floor.

This emotional travel brought me to the point to make real a topic I have lived only in my dreams and intentionally visit these childhood places filled of me. Maybe someone reading this statement wants now to visit the old house where he or she grew up, and walk inside the rooms inhabited now for a different person. It is precisely here where this project leaves the loneliness and the selfish attitude. It is here where becomes a common place for everybody.

Coco Mártin
April 2014